VOTTLER just mix it!

Poorly made drinks, lumpy shakes are now a thing of the past. Now you can blend your favorite cocktail or mixed drink easily, quickly, with a fun to watch mini tornado!

VOTTLER is a new brand of electric mixers that helps you smoothly mix up a protein shake or other powdered drinks with water, milk or juice whether you're at the gym, at the office, or traveling.

VOTTLER opens up a world of mixing possibilities. It mixes your nutritional supplements with the touch of a button, creating the world's smoothest supplement mixes, shakes and drinks. This convenient, beautifully designed and very effective on-the-go mixer is your perfect partner for everyday workout. Great solution!


VOTTLER electric mixer was designed for liquid and powder mixing and liquid substance blending. The mixer can be used for protein supplements, fruit or vegetable supplements, milk shakes, omelettes, baby formula and various cocktails and drinks.

VOTTLER electric mixer is a portable device used at the gym, at the office, at home or on the go.


Speed range
Power supply
Dimensions (w x d x h)

6000 rpm
2 AAA batteries
500 ml (17 oz)
83mm x 83 mm x 211 mm
420 gr
PP plastic

VOTTLER electric mixer consists of:

01 Pour spout
02 Screw-on lid
03 Mixer cup
04 Measuring scale (ml and oz)
05 Rotating paddle
06 Motor box
07 Push-button

VOTTLER electric mixer motor

VOTTLER mixer has a detachable insulated motor box. Motor runs on 2 AAA batteries. Batteries compartment is properly secured with a rubber plug.

Using VOTTLER electric mixer

- Unscrew the lid;
- Add the liquid (water/ juice/milk etc) to the mixer;
- Add the protein powder;
- Screw lid back tightly making sure the pour spout is securely closed;
- Push the button;
- Mixing time is 3-5 seconds.

VOTTLER electric mixer has two modes of the push-button: free-running mode and variable switch mode. In free-running mode the mixer runs continuously and stops after pushing the button. In variable switch mode you have to hold the button within 3-5 seconds.

Cleaning VOTTLER electric mixer

VOTTLER electric mixer should be cleaned after each use. Rinse out the mixer cup with warm water. Do not use a cleaning agent or solvent which is abrasive or harmful to plastics. The mixer can be washed In dishwasher providing that the motor box is detached.

Keep your mixer clean and air dry between uses to ensure that mold, mildew and bacteria do not begin to grow.


- BPA-free
- ECO-friendly
- 100% leak proof
- Easy-clean
- Completely portable
- Convenient capacity
- Powerful motor
- Transparent cup allowing to watch mixing process
- Drinking without unscrewing the lid